How Should You Maintain Your Air Conditioning?

  • If your AC is not cooling sufficient, both the most convenient as well as most important points you can do on your own are: change your filter, as well as clean your outside condenser. See # 2 and also # 3 listed below. If these two points do not correct the issue, ask for service. Note: there is a possibility that your air conditioner system might be doing all it can do throughout severe warm problems.

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  • Air Conditioners should have a filter. The filter will lie inside your house either with the tools or behind a grille inside your house may be a hallway. The filter must be cleaned or transformed regularly in order to filter the air effectively, as well as protect against the indoor coil from getting unclean. 1″ filters=adjustment each month; 2″ filters=adjustment every 2 months; 4” to 5″ filters=modification every 6 to 12 months. Filters will get dirtier faster if: there are numerous animals, there is a dusty exterior atmosphere, such as dust roads, buildings, fields, etc.; if rugs are rarely vacuumed. We suggest buying a year’s worth of filters so that they are handy when it’s time to change them.
  • Make sure to maintain the outdoor condenser tidy. This indicates all sides ought to have nothing clinging to them, the sides look like radiator fins, or occasionally they are “spiny” looking. If you do see dirt, grass clippings, leaves, utilize a water hose pipe with a spray nozzle to wash the sides off starting at the top, cottonwood, as well as working your means down. Shut off the power first.
  • Throughout the summertime, if you see frost on the outside or indoor pipelines, your system is icy as well as will not cool down properly. The system needs to be defrosted in order to address this problem. The quickest way to thaw the system is to transform the AC off at the thermostat; however, transform the fan to ON. This will force warm air over the ice to thaw it quicker. It may still take 2 hours to thaw.
  • Do not establish your thermostat listed below 70 degrees as it will not cool down any faster, as well as might panic the system triggering extra problems.

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