Four Reasons a Mice Infestation Can Occur in Your Home


A mice infestation can happen in any home. Unfortunately, this infestation can turn into a costly ordeal when not handled properly. Also, it can pose health risks for your family and pets due to the diseases that mice carry and spread. A mice infestation can happen for various reasons and occur in even clean homes. Here are some of the reasons a mice infestation can take place and why pest control mice is essential:

Food and Water

Mice are mainly drawn to homes that offer them food and water. As with other living creatures, mice survive on eating whatever they have access to. To make your home less attractive to mice, keep the kitchen and pantry clean and free of clutter. Mice may be looking for grains, cooked rice, bread, chocolate, and any food inside your kitchen. Also, if you have pets at home for which you leave out food blows, you may attract unwanted visitors. 


Unsecured trash can attract mice as it offers mice both food and shelter. Did you know that mice can live in the trash inside and outside?

Debris and Clutter

As with food and water, debris and clutter are essential to mice as they offer shelter and protection against the elements and predators. Rodents would love a warm, safe, and covered shelter that is close to their sources of food and water. This can be your basement, shed, garage, crawl space, or ceiling. 

In addition, mice find places with debris and clutter to make their nests and reproduce. So, leaving a space in your house with clutter and debris can result in you dealing with a serious infestation in no time. 

Easy Entry

A mice infestation can occur when these rodents can easily enter your home. Mice can easily squeeze through small cracks and holes. Your home may have some of these very small entry points in crawl spaces, under the garage door, and in areas around pipes. If you are not sure where you can find such holes and cracks, contact a pest control company that can send technicians to inspect your property, evaluate any problem locations, and establish a mice prevention plan with you. 

In addition, if your bushes and trees are overgrowing and brushing against your house, ask your pest control team about trimming them. these overgrown branches can serve as bridges for other rodents such as roof rats and squirrels. Rodent control experts would look for all possible ways mice can enter your home and address them immediately.  

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