Luxury Décor in Destin: Elements of the Boho Chic Design to Help You Redecorate Your New Home  


Destin is famous for its grand waterfront homes with private docks and resort-style amenities. But beyond the luxury and glamour, Destin is a hub for eccentric and artistic endeavors that give the area its unique character. If you are currently living or plan on living in Destin, one of the ways you can embody this exceptional spirit is through the Boho Chic décor. Gaining popularity in the 1850s, this style is associated with poets, artists, and anyone who eschews convention for the magical. Here are five elements to help you transform your Destin home into a Bohemian haven.  

Texture Combinations

Many homes for sale in Destin that embrace the Boho Chic style feature different layers and types of texture – some up to five distinct styles. Common materials in these homes include wood, stone, paper, mirror, metal, glass, leather, florals, feathers, china, bone, and fabric. Generally, you can pick any material that meets your fancy as long as it is natural and does not glow like 80s neon. For your dining room, you can adorn a wood-grain table with a cotton macramé runner and a gold vase.

Communal Furniture

The Bohemian lifestyle is often associated with communal sharing, so much of your furniture should reflect this. Think of long wooden tables instead of the formal round dining table and large settees that accommodate multiple people. In addition to regular furniture pieces, you can adorn your living room with palette benches, quilts, blankets, and plushy cushions and rugs. Of course, consider how much space you have in your home and scale everything down so your space feels smooth.

Unique, Unexpected Designs

You may have noticed that the rule of Boho Chic design is that there are no rules. Don’t limit yourself to traditional interior décor prices and furniture. Instead, throw some rebellion into the mix and think Bentwood chair or Moroccan leather pouffe instead of a standard grey cotton couch. This is not the style for fancy silverware and fine white linen at the table. Lean more toward woodland than coastal beach. Also, rebelliousness applies to art pieces.

Metal Accents

All the natural elements in Boho Chic design work well with metal accents for the accessories in your home. You can consider pewter vases or candle holders and sconces, candlesticks, and candelabras in brass, bronze, gold, or copper. Silver might not be the best option here because Boho Chic eschews the bling and glow of contemporary modern design. Instead, aim for warm metal colors like gold, copper, and brass. The aesthetic you are going for is modern shapes with antique hues.

Animal Elements

Animal elements are a vital piece of the Boho Chic look. You can throw this aesthetic through fur, feathers, leather, horns, scales, and antlers on tablecloths, napkins, blankets, and more. Feel free to use the faux versions of these materials.

Explore Destin Homes for Sale with Marie Babin

Besides the many things to do in Destin, Destin is a coveted residential location for its modern amenities, breathtaking ocean views, and vibrant lifestyle. As you consider this and other décor styles for your new home, having a Destin real estate expert cover your bases in the home-buying process. Contact Marie Rabin today to discuss what you want in a Destin home.

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