Five simple techniques to create an affordable bedroom with mood boards


Anyone who thinks that decorating a property requires large investments is wrong. In fact, a project to decorate a room must contain basic elements that are capable of generating a comfortable, functional, and modern environment. In this sense, decorating a bedroom is not limited to just implementing sophisticated beds and closets.

However, it is essential to follow some tips and tricks that help when decorating this very special room. Moreover, with the help of today’s best 3D interior design software Foyr Neo, your effort will bring result. With that in mind, we have put together a list of five valuable tips.

Choose light colors

Light colors are essential to generate a sense of organization, spaciousness and functionality. On the other hand, dark tones do not offer this potential for space, especially in simple objects, such as low-density polyethylene. However, it does not mean that the environment should be monochromatic.

Pay attention to circulation

The bedroom is one of the most functional spaces in a property. Therefore, circulation and mobility must be points of attention. In this sense, for the decoration of the room to be assertive and functional, one of the main criteria is to analyze the circulation of the room, since this significantly interferes with mobility.

Opt for colorful objects

Another very interesting tip is the application of colored objects in the environment. Therefore, if you have opted for neutral tones on the walls and furniture, it is nice to be a little bolder in the objects. It is important to mention that colorful items are essential to bring more life to the space, leaving it with a striking decoration and, at the same time, very creative.

Mood boards

Mood boards are visual artifacts (posters, bulletin boards, canvases, screens, etc.) that include a variety of objects and images with the aim of provoking a certain mood or feeling. Do you want to know how to create mood boards? Download Foyr Neo, go to scenes and choose a background color/theme, upload your images using the upload feature to customize your mood board, choose the color patterns to see which one is the best fit for your project, and show co-workers, team members or potential users your projects. Designers can experiment with different image patterns, color schemes, and font styles, all while having a physical, editable prototype.


Mirrors are items widely used to generate the feeling of spaciousness. In this case, it needs to be whole. It is interesting that the wall opposite the mirror presents something creative to stand out, such as decorative items or lighting. So count on a forklift rental company to add dimension to space.

Niches and Shelves

Who said you could not gain space while using walls? With them, it is possible to accommodate personal and decorative objects. Built-in shelves and niches are great alternatives to organize the environment, as well as being used as decorative items.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to make the room well decorated and comfortable. Therefore, analyze the space well and choose the decorative project that pleases you.


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