Beyond the Beach: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Narragansett, RI


Narragansett invites residents and visitors to enjoy its enchanting atmosphere as waves rhythmically wash against the sandy shoreline and a salty breeze dances through the air. The town epitomizes coastal New England living, from its fishing village roots to its current popularity. Homes for Sale in Narragansett RI offer a laid-back lifestyle with access to beaches and a charming seaside town. Narragansett Town Beach’s bright rays and Scarborough State Beach’s raw beauty await exploration and enchantment. Narragansett’s downtown has unique stores, delicious restaurants, and cultural activities, so there’s always something new to discover.

Lifestyle In Narragansett Ri


Narragansett beaches are perfect for toes-in-the-sand vacations. Swimmers and water sports enthusiasts can unwind on Narrangsett’s public beaches. South County offers activities for foodies, thrill seekers, and nature enthusiasts. Southern Rhode Island has been called “South County” since the mid-19th century, even though it is not one of the five counties.


The Narragansett area is flat, making hiking easy. The Black Point track is an easy 2.1-mile track that provides chances for rock scaling, bluff climbing, and exciting exploring. For coastal exploration with a group, this is a great spot. It’s fantastic for exhausting lively kids and teens.


Narragansett Harbor has numerous outstanding fishing cruises. One of the best is Seven B’s V. Scheduled trips target porgy, squid, cod, fluke, and sea bass. They provide equipment and teaching for beginners and large water fun for experts. A half-day deep-sea fishing trip with gear and instruction is ideal for beginners.

Coast Guard House

The Ocean Drive Coast Guard House is centered between The Towers and Narragansett Bay. The former 1800s U.S. Coast Guard Station restaurant has served the area for 75 years. A wall of windows in the wrap-around dining room lets diners see the rocky shore and bay waters. You can enjoy the scenic bay view from the second-floor deck while relaxing in the shade of the Towers.


Matunuck Oyster Bar has Rhode Island’s best seafood. Request a patio seat to enjoy your lunch overlooking Potter Pond. Whether you like raw bar oysters, Rockefeller, or bourbon oysters, Matunuck has the freshest.  

Cost Of Living In Narragansett Ri

Despite its attractive coastal lifestyle, Narragansett has a higher cost of living than the national average. Due to its desirable coastal location in Rhode Island, this town has higher home expenses than many inland areas. Residents may expect to spend a lot on housing, whether they own or rent.

In addition to housing, Narragansett’s cost of living reflects its coastal setting and attractions. Due to the demand for air cooling in summer and heating in winter, energy, water, and heating may be greater. As the town attracts residents and tourists seeking fresh seafood and local delicacies, groceries and dining out may be more expensive than inland places. The quality of life and proximity to amenities in Narragansett justify these higher expenditures, and many residents enjoy the coastal lifestyle.

Narragansett residents think that the benefits of living in this coastal town offset the greater cost of living. This town has great schools, cultural attractions, and a vibrant community, in addition to its beautiful beaches and recreational possibilities. The town’s proximity to Providence and Boston increases people’s employment and recreational opportunities, improving their quality of life.

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