Why North Naples Homes Are a Dream Come True


Are you looking to buy a luxurious home in charming Naples City? Imagine the joy of enjoying quality time in a peaceful neighborhood with beautiful scenic views. North Naples is not only a safe place to live but also a strategic neighborhood to enjoy quality time as you bring up your family.

If you’re considering homes for sale in North Naples, the local housing market encompasses high-end properties suitable for everyone. You may be wondering what sets North Naples apart from other neighborhoods. Here are five compelling reasons why investing in North Naples real estate is worthwhile.

1.Appreciation In Property Value

Buying your North Naples dream home is a wise long-term financial decision. Usually, many homes here tend to increase in value over the years. Recently, home values in North Naples have been on an upward trajectory, making this area a haven for many aspiring homebuyers. Furthermore, the availability of modern amenities in North Naples and promising future developments in the area tend to increase the property value. Therefore, investing in homes for sale in North Naples guarantees you high returns in case you wish to sell your home in the future.

2.Worry Free Living

Compared to places like NYC and Florida, North Naples is a very safe neighborhood. Low crime rates and secure streets are the norm in these neighborhoods. In addition, most homes are in gated communities making it a hub for peaceful living. If you want to escape the City’s busy life, rest assured North Naples will serve you with a quiet environment.

3.Low Property Taxes

Topics like property taxes can be stressful, especially if they are huge amounts. Fortunately, owning a North Naples home comes with a lot of tax benefits. Property taxes in the entire Naples region are relatively lower than in other cities like Texas. Typically, the current tax rate is 1.2% of the appraised value. Buying your dream home in a neighborhood with tax benefits like North Naples means you won’t have to go deep into your wallet.

4. You Can Personalize Your Home

Living in a rental home in Naples means you’re subjected to limitations by the actual homeowner. This means you cannot make any adjustments in the home so that it suits your preferences. However, buying your dream home in North Naples means you can make alterations like changing the carpet, painting walls, hand art, and pictures. Homeownership in Naples guarantees you access to adjust even the outdoors so they fit into your needs.

5. Strategic Location with Upscale Living

Located in the northwest of Collier County, Florida, North Naples is an exceptional place to call home. The area is known for its luxurious lifestyle with high-end amenities like shopping malls, gourmet dining, and exclusive country clubs.  Its proximity to landmarks like the Pelican Bay, Naples Park, and Pine Ridge makes North Naples the center for upscale living. Buying a home in this neighborhood means you will enjoy the finer things in life.

Looking To Buy Your Dream Home In North Naples?

Nobody can argue that North Naples is among the best places to buy your home. From the area’s beautiful weather to the increasing property values, investing in North Naples real estate is worth your money. If you’re seeking to settle in North Naples, Cindy Rosenfield is proud to help you out. With years of experience and extensive networks, Cindy’s team will consider your needs to help you locate your North Naples dream home. Commence your homeownership in North Naples by contacting Cindy Rosenfield today.

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