What’s A Countertop RO?  


A countertop RO system is used to purify water. It can be mounted on the counter of any kitchen or bathroom sink. RO filters are usually installed under the counter and stored under a sink cabinet. These systems are not available to renters as they require permanent modifications to the kitchen sink counters and drain system. The countertop system is the best solution as it attaches to any faucet and does not require any installation.

Countertop RO Systems Can Be Used For:

  • Apartments, Vacation Homes, and Condos
  • Renting their homes to people
  • Road warriors and travelers
  • Senior apartments and college dorms
  • Anybody who prefers a portable RO

What Does A Countertop RO Do?

Through a faucet adapter, a countertop RO system can be connected to a sink faucet. The faucet is turned on and water flows through the adapter to the countertop reverse osmosis unit. After passing through three to four stages of purification, including carbon, sediment, and reverse osmosis, the water is ready for collection. Countertop RO systems cannot be fully automated. Users will need to monitor the filtration process and turn off the water after it has been collected. Countertop RO systems are small and portable. Purified water must be kept in separate pitchers or jugs as they do not require water storage tanks.

A Glance At Countertop Systems

Countertop RO systems can be as effective and versatile as any other water filtration system. They can produce water quality that is comparable to that of bottled water or under-counter RO systems. Depending on your situation, some homeowners will choose to install a countertop RO system instead of an under-counter system. It is important to understand the key benefits and limitations of each countertop system before you make a decision.

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