Searching for a construction contractor in Canada? Do’s and Don’ts!


The construction sector is slowly picking up in the post-COVID economic recovery. There is a boom in the real estate sector across the world in the residential and commercial sectors.

Choosing the right construction contracting firm can help businesses tap the economic opportunities in the sector. However, it is a challenging task to find the right firm to collaborate with.

In Canada, firms like Gestion Immobilaria are offering expertise in the construction and renovation domains. Experienced firms can help businesses tap the resources optimally.

This article takes you through the various services offered by a construction contractor and how businesses can benefit from them.

Let us begin!

Services of a construction contractor

Construction contractor firms are agencies that are appointed by clients to carry out construction works. It is usually a contractual partnership between the parties.

The firms undertake both fresh construction as well as renovation works.

Some services provided by the contractor are

  • Commercial constructions like malls, shopping complexes, parking areas, etc.
  • Residential constructions like apartments, housing complexes, and villas.
  • Institutional constructions like offices, colleges, schools, and hospitals.
  • Industrial constructions like power plants, factories, etc.
  • Renovations in the above areas.
  • Project management
  • 2D and 3D modeling of plans
  • Plumbing services
  • Electricity services
  • Sawing and excavation works

What are the benefits of hiring a construction contractor?

  1. An experienced general contractor has the necessary technical expertise in civil engineering projects.
  2. A contractor procures the services of various professionals like planners, electricians, plumbers, painters, and construction labor and machinery required for the project.
  3. The legal liability for safety shifts from builder to the general contractor during construction.
  4. A general contractor brings in a trained workforce to the project site on a contractual basis.
  5. Greater probability of adhering to project timelines by the contractors.

Tips to choose a construction contractor

  • Choose an agency with a long experience in the construction sector.
  • Check the reputation of the firm through online ratings and client feedback.
  • Browse through the local agencies to find the ones with competitive pricing of services.
  • The firm should have a proven track record of adhering to project timelines.
  • Check the safety record of the firm in their earlier projects.
  • Ask for a transparent contract procedure concerning time and cost estimates.

Concluding thoughts

Choosing a good general contractor is essential to tap the business opportunities in the construction sector. Select an expert agency with good experience for professional workmanship.

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