New York Living: An Architectural and Homebuyer’s Guide to the Coveted Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood


Known for its elegant brownstones, Brooklyn Heights is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in New York. The Brooklyn Heights real estate market offers a unique collection of larger-than-usual homes on tree-lined streets close to the East River and with breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. Home to some of the most affluent names in New York, the neighborhood is highly desirable. If you are considering moving here, here is a guide to the Brooklyn Heights market.

Housing Stock

Many of the homes in Brooklyn Heights are townhomes and low-rise co-ops. But, as Brooklyn Heights NY real estate agent David Rosen explains, many buildings in the area have been converted into luxury condos over the past decade and a half. This includes what used to be the Standish Arms Hotel and the iconic high-rise 360 Furman St. Despite this move, however, Brooklyn Heights most notable and iconic homes are its townhouses, which continue to attract hordes of buyers every year. 

Architectural Profile

Given that townhouses are the area’s most iconic home style, prominent architectural styles in Brooklyn Heights lean toward the historical and classical. Many commercial, government, and residential properties in the neighborhood are either Queen Anne, Victorian Gothic, Renaissance Revival, Colonial Revival, Gothic Revival, or Greek Revival. Brooklyn Heights brownstones tend to be larger than other homes in Brooklyn while providing exquisite views.

Price Range

Homes for sale in Brooklyn Heights sell for a wide range of prices, depending on the size, type, location, and amenities. That said, this neighborhood is one of the most affluent in Brooklyn, with a median home sale price of $1.3 million and median monthly rent of $3,850. Such high prices are standard in Brooklyn Heights, with some sales setting price records occasionally. In late 2020, a five-story brownstone at 8 Montague Terrace sold for $25.5 – the current highest sale price in Brooklyn.

Community and Notable Residents

Brooklyn Heights is just as famous for its brownstones and townhouses as its residents. Given the neighborhood’s affluence and desirability, it attracts some of the most famous names in the country. Famous people who call Brooklyn Heights home include actress Zendaya, Björk, Adam Driver, Michelle Williams, celebrity architect Bjark Ingels, Emily Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski, and Matt Damon. Aside from celebrities, the community makeup in Brooklyn Heights primarily comprises younger families.

Luxury Amenities

The high price points and affluent status of Brooklyn Heights tend to draw from the neighborhood’s rich architecture, larger homes, art and culture profile, and luxury amenities. Brooklyn Heights homes offer stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, with even better vantage points like the 1,826-foot Brooklyn Heights Promenade across the town. Brooklyn Heights also provides many opportunities for outdoor and waterfront activities, including kayaking, pickleball, roller skating, and hiking.

Explore Brooklyn Heights Real Estate with David Rosen Team

Although the luxury homes for sale in Brooklyn Heights are a significant draw for aspiring homeowners, there is a lot to love about Brooklyn Heights. The environment is clean and green, with breathtaking views, and the vibe is refined and laid-back. If you wish to make this affluent neighborhood your next home, contact real estate expert David Rosen for guidance and professional advice on the way forward.

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