Moving to Santa Cruz: Everything You Need to Know


Santa Cruz, on California’s stunning coast, epitomizes coastal living. This city attracts inhabitants and visitors with its stunning beaches, majestic redwood trees, vibrant culture, and laid-back feel. It is a charming place to explore, especially if you’re interested in homes for sale in Santa Cruz. This city provides infinite choices for anyone seeking a bit of California paradise, whether you’re interested in owning a piece of paradise, outdoor experiences, or the relaxing pace of coastal living.

Things to do in Santa Cruz

Regardless of the duration of your stay, these attractions cater to families with infants and adolescents, providing something enjoyable for everyone:

Go Kayaking!

Explore the ocean in Monterey Bay or relax in the port. Paddling into the Bay lets you witness whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea otters, jellyfish, and beautiful kelp forests. Children ages 2-5 will enjoy the peaceful, safe waters of Santa Cruz Harbor, while preteens and teens can paddle their kayaks and paddleboards at several of our tour spots. 

Hike at Nisene Marks National Park

Nisene Marks Forest, along Highway 1 in Santa Cruz, is a lush, calm hideaway among old redwoods. This is an excellent place for a picnic and some outside time due to its natural beauty and several family-friendly hiking routes. The park has dozens of hiking routes, but families with kids prefer the simple Loma Prieta Grade Small Loop, the three-mile trail loop, and the one-mile Vienna Woods Trail, which winds through a redwood grove and along a picturesque creek.

Visit Wilder Ranch State Park

Wilder Ranch State Park has 34 miles of well-maintained hiking, biking, and equestrian riding trails on 7,000 acres. Family-friendly Pacific Ocean walks, guided horseback riding, mountain biking, and more are available.

Beach Trip

For a family beach day, Santa Cruz boasts hundreds of great beaches. Enjoy some time in the sun at Natural Bridges State Beach. This gorgeous shoreline is a terrific area to relax and unwind from the city. Explore the park’s tide pools, filled with anemones, shore crabs, and starfish, when not swimming.

Reasons why people move to Santa Cruz

Year-round beach enjoyment

Santa Cruz has a warm Mediterranean climate year-round, with summer temperatures rarely topping 75 degrees. Winter daytime temperatures average 60 degrees and rarely drop below 45. Over 260 sunny days a year make the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a 1907 coastal amusement park, ideal for touring.

Outdoor Adventure

West Cliff Drive takes people of all ages along Monterey Bay’s northern shoreline, where Santa Cruz’s sea-blown bluffs are often covered in wildflowers. Visitors can see sea lions and orcas from the colorful rocks. The “Surf City” of Santa Cruz has world-class waves for beginners and pros.

Dine and drink

Santa Cruz has locally owned cafes, restaurants, and breweries for every meal. Steamer Lane Supply, named after Santa Cruz’s famous surf area, serves kimchi dogs and poke bowls for taking to the beach. Visitors can have sherry-steamed mussels or braised rabbit while viewing local artist displays at Oswald, one of Santa Cruz’s finest restaurants.

Bay Area/Central Coast access

Although Santa Cruz is small, its location makes it convenient to significant California coast locations. Santa Cruz residents commute 40 minutes to San Jose on Route 17 for employment.

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