Exploring Scituate MA: 5 Must-Do Activities in This Coastal Gem


Scituate is a small to medium-sized seacoast town located in Plymouth County, MA, United States. The town is at an equidistance between Boston and Plymouth and has a population of about 19,000 people. Scituate was incorporated in 1636 and has since grown into a booming residential community. The numerous attractions, cultural events, and ocean-related recreational activities have made this town a desirable place to visit and live in. Below, we will take a look at the top 5 things to do in Scituate whether you are a tourist or a resident. 

Spend a Day at the Beach

One of the best places you can tour in Scituate is The Spit, a popular summertime barrier beach located at the mouth of the North and South Rivers. You can access the beach by boat or by walking the trail from the Preble Property. This trail, however, tends to be flooded during high tide, so it is advisable to walk there during low tides. Usually, people use their boats to reach the beach, while those who do not own boats can rent kayaks and canoes at a favorable cost. 

Visit the Scituate Harbor Cultural District

Another exciting way to spend your day in Scituate is by visiting the Scituate Harbor Cultural District, which extends along a walkable trail from Cole Parkway and Front Street all the way to the Scituate Lighthouse, an iconic landmark in this town. Fun activities you can do while at Scituate Harbor include shopping, dining out with family and friends and attending live bands. If you would like to be part of Scituate’s suburban and exciting lifestyle, Scituate MA real estate professional Benjamin Lincoln can help you find a beautiful home within your budget.

Visit the Lighthouse

The Old Scituate Lighthouse is another historic landmark that attracts many tourists to Scituate every year. This lighthouse was built in 1811 and is one of the oldest lighthouses in the United States. This iconic lighthouse played a big role during the 1812 war, making it an important piece in America’s history. The lighthouse is open to the public, but it is currently undergoing a renovation worth $2M. 

Dine Out With Family and Friends

Scituate is home to numerous classic restaurants offering a multitude of food options, from fresh seafood to pizza and even traditional Irish dishes. The Mill Wharf Restaurant and Pub and Satuit Tavern are excellent choices when it comes to sea food. If you are craving a hot bowl of sushi, the Salt Society Restaurant is just the place to be. 

Attend a Cultural Event

One of the perks of relocating to Scituate, MA, is its numerous cultural events throughout the year. The town holds annual events to celebrate its sister cities in Sucy-en-Brie, France, West Cork, Ireland, and Santa Catarina do Fogo, Cape Verde. Some of the main events include Cape Verdean Independence Day held in July, the Sister City Film Festival celebrated during the winter, and Bastille Day that takes place in the summer. The town also recognizes its sister cities during the annual Heritage Days celebration. 

Make Your Move to Scituate, MA With Benjamin Lincoln

Scituate is a beautiful, vibrant, and historic seacoast town with a charming, tight-knit community, perfect for people looking for small-town charm in a suburban neighborhood. If you are considering moving to this harbor, give Benjamin Lincoln a call and check out homes for sale in Scituate, MA. 

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